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Eric Péloy Qualified Architect since 1991, established in 2003 as an independant Architect.

Don't hesitate to contact Eric Peloy Architect as soon as your new project comes to mind, especially when you are starting to look for a plot of land to build on, or a property to refurbish.
If you are asking ask yourself questions about the renovation or construction process, Eric Peloy will be happy to help
Early advice always underpins a good project.
Don't hesitate: the first exchanges are totally free of charge!

Eric Peloy architect mainly builds family houses and villas.
His other projects include office premises, collective residences, hotels...
Wooden homes, ecological architecture
With his unique experience in the field, Eric Peloy architect will drive your ecological wooden house or environmentally-friendly project from scratch to keys in hand, whatever its style, location or destination.

Eric Peloy architect will handle your refurbishment project carefully using state-of-the-art methods
Whatever your project might be: individual housing, collective housing, office buildings, don't hesitate to consult him

Extensions, be they horizontal or vertical, always carry complex and diverse technical and aesthetic issues. It is very important to analyse them early, in order to maximize the return on your investment.
Eric Peloy has completed numerous extension projects with technical and aesthetic rigour, to the entire satisfaction of the client.
That is his absolute priority.
Interior design and architecture / Decoration
As a perfectionist, Eric Péloy Architect handles interior design projects included within architectural projects.
He can transform and renovate any interior of your house, apartment or office with his special touch.
For Eric Peloy, interior design is an important part of Architecture...

Private expertise
Eric Peloy Architect currently works as a private expert in the construction field. He is often asked to provide opinions about construction-related pathologies and legal matters. He is appointed by lawyers, but also by companies or individuals who need his expertise in various cases and locations.

Geographic areas
Based on the West side of the Paris region, Eric Péloy Architecte dplg will work on any kind of project in this area, from conception until the client holds the keys in his hand.
In other areas, he will handle expertise missions and the conception phase, and lead the building phase on selected projects, depending on their nature and location.
International projects and missions are welcome, as Eric Peloy is used to dealing with international clients. He lived abroad for a number of years and is fluent in English.

Full 3D BIM Conception
In the conception phase, Eric Peloy's concern is to gain maximum productivity and transparency that allow his clients to fully understand the project. That's why he has been using state-of-the-art full 3D design software since its introduction. This allows him to offer full immersive visits right from the early stages of the conception, both inside and outside the virtual project, that is actually built inside his computers.
This is a powerful asset which allows the client to fully understand the project, leaving no space for unwanted surprises in the construction phase.
It is also a perfect way to communicate with other actors in the construction field, allowing a fast technical and quoting process.

An Architect you can trust
Eric Peloy is fully committed to the Architects' rules of ethics and professional conduct.
While he is very happy to have his clients participate on the building process, this is not always possible. As certain of his clients are very busyand are constantly travelling, he is often called upon to manage a whole project while his clients are overseas, with a constant transparency and communication via modern media.  
From conception to construction, it is a force to have Eric Peloy handling your project, as you can count on him to take excellent care of your interests on and off site.
His first concern is your entire satisfaction.


Education and early professional life
Eric Peloy is a French architect born in 1967 in Paris.
He spent much of his childhood and adolescence in the french Alps.
He returned to Paris to study, and graduated from Paris National Superior School of Beaux Arts in 1991.
He first worked in various countries and fields, such as animated cartoons and 3D films, commercials, comics and cinema.
In particular, he storyboarded the legendary first three Luc besson "Taxi" films.
In Parallel, Eric Peloy started to work in the late 90's with the national and international wood supply chain, on avant-garde ecological projects.
This duality allowed him to focus only on worthy projects, and forged his artistic yet rigourous approach to the building process.

Established independently since 2003
In 2003,  he reoriented his graphic artist career towards personal projects, and, at the same time established himself as an independant architect located in the western residential suburbs of Paris.
He created and still communicates today through the registered trade marks "L'Architecte du Bois " and "Les Architectes du Bois", which are still operational today, especially via the dedicated website architecte-du-bois.com.

Early constructions
In the mid 2000's Eric Peloy's constructions began to flourish throughout the western Paris area and beyond. His work was rapidly spotted by avant-gardist clients who wanted to build ecological homes and offices.
15 years ago, environmental issues in France were hardly noticed, so time has definitely given Eric Peloy the advantage of a forerunner.
His capacity for renewal shows through in his use of varying and unlimited architectural languages.
He is consistently guided by bioclimatic principles, which enable perfect architectural integration into natural or urban environments.

Eric Peloy's style
Eric Peloy masters classical architecture codes, allowing him not only to create classical or historical projects, but also to reinterpret them in order to adapt today's challenges and any situation.
Whenever relevant, his style tends towards ultra modern design, enhanced by his direct 3D conception technique and his fertile imagination.
He works around composition / decomposition of both volumes and elevations.
For Eric Peloy, Architecture is a giant sculpture to inhabit.
His architecture stands out  by a unrelenting quest for the ultimate aesthetism in any project. The optimisation of volumes, fluidity of the plan and absence of lost space are the key stones of his work, forming the hub for his artistic expression.

Recent work
His recent creations go beyond strict wooden architecture and spread towards traditional  architecture, including refurbishment of any type of buildings, be it utility or residential. The ageing pool needs particular attention and a crucial uptdate to face the challenges of the future.
As his work testifies, Eric Peloy has recently enlarged his field of action, staying focused on the function of inhabitation that is at the center of his Art.

"The constant challenge in my work is to achieve striking design and high class benefits that also reach high environmental standards, while mastering financial costs."

A Customer oriented Architect
Eric Peloy's primary quality is to closely adapt to his various client profiles, in conceiving projects that match their expectations perfectly.
It is striking to see that a number of projects are actually built from the intial sketch, with only minor adaptations.
"For me, the most important thing in the building process is not the project itself, but the life project my clients are building around it. At the end of the construction, I guage the success of the project by the smiles on my clients' faces and the boost it brings to them. It is incredibly stimulating..."

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